Last Updated : 14 February, 2007
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Looking for an affordable 2-meter sailplane that can fly with the best of them ???
Well look no further, you have found it!

DJ Aerotech introduces the new and improved Mk II Chrysalis 2m sailplane.
[Photo of the Chrysalis 2M]
Chrysalis 2-meter
We've flown it in 15 to 20 knot winds at that weight, and had absolutely no trouble penetrating. Of course if you want ballast, the entire space under the wing is unoccupied.

The large wing area plus the semi-elliptical planform, combined with the long length and generous tail area, gives it a "visual footprint" as big as some open class ships. Very important for beginners and for folks whose eyes are getting old. This is a two-meter that is easy to see!

Stability and damping in pitch and yaw is very high. We've actually been able to deliberately move the C/G behind the point where it starts to become divergent in pitch (an almost impossible-to-fly situation for typical airplanes) and then let absolute beginners fly it! The high damping from the long tail moment slows down its behavior to within the ability of a beginner to mentally keep up with it. The long tail moment also makes the plane's response to air currents much easier to see, which is a significant help for perfecting your thermalling skills. This is one airplane that really "talks" to you.

Minimum turning radius is similar to the HLG Chrysalis.

Spoilers are standard equipment, they're absolutely necessary if you want to get it to come down within a reasonably sized landing area. They're very effective. In our tests, the L/D with spoilers open was less than 3:1. The new "Mk II" spoilers use two micro servos (one at each spoiler) for easier construction, setup and maintenance. The positive action is still there, but the linkages ad setup are quicker and simpler to build, set up and maintain.. No more troubles with spoilers sucking open on launch!

All hardware and materials for the builder's choice of bolt-on or rubber-band-on wing attachment are also included.

Building is very fast and easy, especially with our new "Laserwebs" one-step shear webbing system for the wing. Construction methods are similar to the HLG Chrysalis, but simpler. Despite being a very big model (the fuselage and tail are as big as a Paragon's!), it goes together very quickly. Anyone who has built the HLG Chrysalis will find this one even easier to build.

Instructions are drawn on CAD, with lots of exploded views and isometric line drawings (better clarity than is possible from using photos), similar to the instructions for a good plastic display model.

For both the sailplane and electric versions, the wing & fuse/tail are available as separate kits. This makes it easy share a wing between your sailplane and electric fuselages or to replace a damaged item. In case you wondered, the fuse kits do include the parts to build either the V-tail or Standard tail.

 - Wingspan: 78.5" (2.0 meters)
 - Wing Area: 723 square inches
 - Fuselage Length: 50.5 inches
 - Wing Loading: 5.18 to 5.38 oz./sq.ft. - (without ballast)
 - Weight: 26 to 27 ounces.
(with 5 micro servos (Hitec HS-60's are ideal), V-tail, and 4-cell 500 mah battery)
  • New Features of the MK II Kit
  • Improved, revised and updated instructions
  • Instructions for adding carbon fiber for winch launching the sailplane version
  • Parts included for bolt-on and for rubber band wing attachment
  • Stiffer wing structure for more flutter resistance
  • Simpler, more direct, easier to build spoiler control system
  • Optional modification kit available for 3-piece wing for easier storage and transport
  • Aerodynamically cleaner and more convenient hatch design
  • Separate wing kit, sailplane fuselage & tail kit also electric fuselage & tail kits available

  • Laserweb spar web installation system!
  • All Wood Construction for low cost and easy maintenance!
  • Laser cut parts!
  • Unique FAST assembly methods!
  • Clear, concise cad-drawn plans/instructions!
  • Spoilers and linkages included!
  • Optional modification kit available for 3-piece wing for easier storage and transport
  • Conventional or V-tail, parts included for both!
  • All hardware included!
  • For winch or highstart launching
$110.95 USD, plus Shipping!
$55.00 USD, plus Shipping! ( Fuselage & Tail Kit )
$55.00 USD, plus Shipping! ( Wing Kit )
$25.00 USD, plus Shipping! ( 3 Piece Wing Kit )
Chrysalis 2M on the Ground
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Chrysalis 2M in the Air
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