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And why did we call them ROADKILL???? They are just plain flat! ;-)

First built in 1938, the Piper J-3 earned its fame as a trainer. So successful was it that the name "Cub" soon came to be a generic term for all light airplanes, and Piper Aircraft became the best known general aviation manufacturer. By 1947, when production ended, 14,125 Piper Cubs had been built. The J-3 is now finding an ever-increasing popularity among antique airplane buffs, and brand new Cubs are being constructed by homebuilders. Both an excellent trainer and a delightful sport plane, which lends itself to lazy summer afternoons, the Cub might best be summed up by the words "simple," "economical." and above all "fun to fly."

The Cub is designed with both beginners and sport flyers in mind. It's big enough to carry a little more weight, such as a third servo for independent rudder and aileron. The wing skins and tail surfaces are from slightly thicker balsa to make them easier to work with for inexperienced fingers, and more durable for the inevitable bumps of training operations, but without much increase in weight. The model can be built either with scale dihedral for "full house" controls, or with extra dihedral for no ailerons (just rudder & elevator). We include laser-cut gauges to easily and precisely set the dihedral at either value during construction.

With the extra dihedral, the plane will indeed return to level flight by itself when the controls are centered. With the control throws limited it's very stable and easy to fly, but can be very aerobatic with larger control throws. It's also very efficient, even with the optional scale wing struts installed - we've clocked it at about 18 minutes of economy cruise flying indoors, using a 7-cell 120 mah NiMH battery. It also thermals well.

The motor+gearbox+prop is included, as with the other RK series models, but the Cub comes with our new improved MPS-1A system. This uses a different frame design that holds the front end of the motor more securely and precisely for better gear mesh and reliability, a propshaft gear that's bored on new improved tooling for better concentricity and mesh (resulting in improved noise, life and efficiency), and uses a modified GWS 5-4.3 prop instead of the Gunther props we used on the old MPS-1. This new design also allows us to offer other prop options, such as a modified GWS 6-5 for higher altitude operations. The MPS-1A is standard on our new RK series models, and the older RK series models are available with it as well. We also offer the MPS-1A as a stand-alone system, at the same prices as the old MPS-1.

Cub Specifications
Wingpan Length Weight Wingloading # Servos Battery Price
29" 17.8" 3.5oz (RTF) 4.2oz/sq.ft 2 or 3 * 250mah Li-Poly / 120mah NiMH $51.95
* The J3 Cub can be built with either a independent rudder servo or coupled to the aileron servo.

Kit Highlights!
 - Electric (MPS-1A) motor with gear reduction included!
 - Propeller and spinner are included!
 - Highly prefabricated for very short building times!
 - Laser cut wood parts for an accurate fit!
 - 3 - Functions; Rudder, Aileron and Elevator.
(Rudder is/can coupled to Aileron servo)
 - Complete and accurate plans and building instructions!
 - Click HERE to see a sample kit!!!

What is needed to complete the kit!
 - Two or Three servos. Such as the Pico, MX-30 or HS-50
 - A lightweight receiver. Such as GWS-R4P
 - Electronic speed controller & Battery Eliminator Circuit.
Such as Castle Creations "Pixie 7P"
 - 7 cell NIMH or 2 cell Li-Poly Battery pack.
 - Medium & Thin CA Glue
 - Building Tools, for example: (Knife, wire snips, needle nose, waxed paper, soldering iron, X-acto knife, sanpaper, screwdrivers & tape for hinges)
 - DJ Aerotech carries the necessary items to complete your Roadkill kit. Please check out the Accessories page. We offer a suitable Receiver, Electronic Speed Control / Battery Eliminator Circuit (ESC / BEC), Battery Packs, Charger and several Servos for the DJ Aerotech Roadkill models.

$51.95 USD Plus Shipping
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We are receiving numerous E-mails related to problems flying our Roadkill kits. In every case it is an weight issue related to using a battery pack too large for the kit. We can't STRESS enough the proper sized battery pack should be used in all the Roadkill kits. Larger packs WILL yield undesirable flight characteristics. For each of our Roadkill models we post a recommended NiMH or LI-Poly battery size. These batteries packs have been extensively tested and proven to provide a flyable model based on the stock motor configuration.

The Li-Poly battery packs MUST be charged with a charger designed to charge Li-Poly battery packs. (For example: The Apache LiPoly Charger) Failure to do so could result with the battery pack (basement / garage etc...) catching fire. Also make sure your ESC is compatible with a Li-poly pack, in particular that the cutoff voltage is correct. The Castle Creations Pixie 7-P is our preferred choice for this. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... If you have any questions at all about what is the best battery for your model, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to Joe or Don.
Do you have more questions?
Check out the ASK J & D section on Roadkill models.

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