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Chrysalis-Lite Launching beyond RES regulations

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Recently we repeated some launch testing of our 2M Chrysalis-Lite. Launches were done at 9 lb., 9.5 lb. & 10 lb. We also took this opportunity to demonstrate proper launch techniques for this particular plane.  

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We now offer Bulk pricing on 2 popular items in our store.The Chrysalis-Lite F3 RES 2M Sailplane - Buy between 5-10 kits and receive $20.00 off each kitHi-Start Rubber - Buy between 5-10 and receive $5.00 off each piece.Prices show change when applied to cart.Get your Club or Friends together and Save!If you are looking [...]

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Introducing The New Chyrsalis-Lite!

The “Chrysalis-Lite” 2 meter F3-RES comes from a long line of successful radio controlled sailplanes. It has as it’s direct ancestors the original 1.5 meter HLG Chrysalis, as well as the 1.5 meter Electric; but it is a new design with many novel features of it’s own.Through clever use of the capabilities of laser cutting, [...]

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Our new 1.5M Chrysalis Pod & Boom

Coming soon!Introducing the newest member of the 1.5M Chrysalis Family

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​Some notes about the “Skyholic” folding propeller

We’ve found the “Skyholic” folding propeller to be a very reliable unit, however we have the following recommendations for pre-paring your propeller for operation.1. Be sure that the blade mounting screws slide freely in the mounting hole in the blades. If there is any binding between the screw and blade with the screw all the [...]

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Introducing our NEW 1.5M Chrysalis Electric Sailplane!

After a year in development we are happy to introduce the newest addition to the Chrysalis Family of Sailplanes!

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