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  • 1.5M Chrysalis Electric Pod & Boom
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1.5M Chrysalis Electric Pod & Boom


Product Description

The latest addition to our "Chrysalis Family!

Our 1.5m Chrysalis Electric with simpler (faster!) construction and lighter weight,

This design basically optimizes the previous versions of our 1.5M's  for a broader speed range and maximum response to changing air currents.

The "pod and boom" has become the obvious major change that would
A: cut down the building time
B: cut down the overall weight of the air frame.
It has proven to provide both those features, while maintaining & actually improving on the great performance and personality of our Chrysalis 1.5M.
Using the same wing and basically the same tail as the previous version, the builder can now achieve ready to fly weight in the neighborhood of 10.5 ounces, without any mods to the basic kit! One of the major weight saving contributors is the use of the "Lite" types of covering materials.
The tail structure has been improved from the "original" Chrysalis, which allows use of the "Lite" types of covering on it also. 

If the builder prefers standard weight covering materials, the finished weight of the pod and boom version will be in the 13 ounce area, this will not have a significant effect on the spectacular soaring capabilities.

Our recommended equipment is same as the Wood fuselage version. However, as a result of  lighter structure, we've found that a 2 cell pack, of 450 mah and at least 35C rating, produces a climb rate that is very fast, roughly a 70 degree angle of climb, while keeping the weight down to minimum for maximizing the response to thermal activity. 
Our equipment recommendation:
2 each, 4 to 6 gram servos
mini receiver
2 cell 450 to 850 Li-poly, OR 3 cell 450 to 850 Li-poly battery
2208-12 Cheeta or Suppo motor (available separately)
18 amp minimum ESC with BEC.
7.5 "x 4" folding propeller with 34mm spinner and 3.2mm shaft adapter (available separately)
We recommend "Lite" covering for minimum weight/maximum performance.
  • Wingspan: 59 inches
  • Wing Area: 410 square inches
  • Fuselage Length: 37.5" (with our motor & spinner recommendations)
  • Weight: 10.5-13oz (Depending on radio,battery & covering options)
  • Wing Loading: 3.6 to 4.5 oz/sq.ft.
  • Re-engineered wing structure-Simpler/Stronger construction incorporating carbon fiber spar system, diagonal braces & pre-cut wing sheeting complete with "bolt on" wing attach system w/hardware
  • New Pod and Boom style fuselage with magnetic hatch (supplied) 
  • Tail-Incorporates laser cut lightening holes & reinforced stabilizer leading & trailing edges
The kit includes laser cut parts, a fully photo illustrated assembly manual with full size plans, and all hardware required. A 2 piece wing kit is also available separately.




Product Videos

1 5M Chrysalis Electric Pod & Boom Sailplane Introduction (02:53)
The newest addition to the Chrysalis Sailplane Family
  • 1 5M Chrysalis Electric Pod & Boom Sailplane Introduction
    The newest addition to the Chrysalis Sailplane Family
  • 1 5M Chrysalis Electric Pod & Boom Sailplane
    Super fast climb rate followed by excellent soaring capabiliti...

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