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About Us

Joe & Don started DJ Aerotech while both working at Hartzell Propeller in Piqua, OH in 1992. Don was in Engineering & Joe was in Product Support. Both had a strong common interest in model aircraft, specifically Radio Controlled Sailplanes. They became intrigued with the concept of Handlaunch Sailplanes and began working together on what eventually became their first product ....The Monarch HLG and DJ Aerotech was born...March 1993.

Over the years many variations of The Monarch (a molded fiberglass fuselage & foam core sheeted wing & tail) were the main product line. Joe and many others earned contest awards locally,nationally & globally flying various versions of this particular plane  The untimely end to the production of the Monarch arose after Joe was afflicted with a severe allergic reaction to epoxy resins. But this also gave rise to the Chrysalis which was already in production. The Chrysalis was our effort to introduce a low cost, beginner friendly, high quality HLG to our customers with performance nearly equal to the Monarch.

For many years the UAV industry occupied our time & efforts, hampering our development of new products.

Today we are based in Bradford, OH and very excited about our new "products" which we will be rolling out to the modeling public very soon!

Our commitment to quality, low cost, high performance wood model aircraft kits is paramount as is our customer service. We have listened to our customers & are excited about our future in the model aircraft industry.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime!

May your thermals be many & your crashes be few!

Don Stackhouse & Joe Hahn