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Covid-19 Note (May 17, 2020)

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Note to customers:

Just a little update as we are nearing 2 months from our last Customer Note of this strange time in history.
Covid 19 has touched all of us in some way. For us it meant some of our products have been on back order, which means you have probably been waiting for a time for your kits. For this we apologize, this was beyond our control.
We just wanted to let you all know that the main reason for the wait is one of our laser cutters was deployed 2 times in those 2 months and has been unable to cut our parts. He has now returned and is working on getting them to us. We are just glad he is ok and back home as he was deployed to help with this crisis in some of the hardest hit areas.
We should have parts very soon and will be shipping ASAP.
As a reminder we are still only taking shipments once or twice a week to the post office to minimize exposure.
Please know we are doing our best during this time to get your kits to you and we want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding.
We at DJA hope you and your families are all well and staying safe.
Joe & Karen, Don & Ann

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Covid-19 Note (March 24, 2020)

A note to our customers:We are still filling orders for as long as we can. There are some delays that you should be aware of though due to Covid-19.1. Some products are on back order, we will let you know when you place your order if this is the case and give you the option [...]

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Please Note.....Products discontinued

NOTICE......With the addition of our new Monarch Ascension product line we are sorry to say we have made the difficult decision to cease the sale of our Chrysalis-Lite and E-Lite "Full" Kits effective immediately.We WILL still support replacement parts for the time being excluding tail booms as we have run into supply issues with those. [...]

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2 Years on Facebook!!!

DJ Aerotech's FB page has been up and running for 2 yrs now! Thank you goes out to all of you that support us through our social media journey! To our customers goes out a huge Thank you, without you we would not be here! Your purchases help us to design and produce more kits for [...]

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NEW! 2M Chrysalis-E-Lite Now Available!

The “Chrysalis-E-Lite” 2 meter powered sailplane is the natural evolution of the “Chrysalis-Lite” sailplane. Using the same wing and tail, we have created a very simple pod and boom fuselage with provisions for installation of our small, but powerful, motor system. The result is a powered sailplane with a rapid climb rate (15 seconds to [...]

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Chrysalis-Lite Launching beyond RES regulations

Recently we repeated some launch testing of our 2M Chrysalis-Lite. Launches were done at 9 lb., 9.5 lb. & 10 lb. We also took this opportunity to demonstrate proper launch techniques for this particular plane.  

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BULK PRICING on Sailplanes & Hi-Start Rubber AVAILABLE!

**As of Aug 2019...we now offer bulk pricing on ALL our Full Sailplane kits!** (please see note below before ordering)Buy between 5-10 kits (of the same plane) and receive 10% off each kitHi-Start Rubber - Buy between 5-10 and receive $5.00 off each piece.Prices show change when applied to cart. Get your Club or Friends together [...]

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Introducing The New Chyrsalis-Lite!

The “Chrysalis-Lite” 2 meter F3-RES comes from a long line of successful radio controlled sailplanes. It has as it’s direct ancestors the original 1.5 meter HLG Chrysalis, as well as the 1.5 meter Electric; but it is a new design with many novel features of it’s own.Through clever use of the capabilities of laser cutting, [...]

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