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Introducing The New Chyrsalis-Lite!

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The “Chrysalis-Lite” 2 meter F3-RES comes from a long line of successful radio controlled sailplanes. It has as it’s direct ancestors the original 1.5 meter HLG Chrysalis, as well as the 1.5 meter Electric; but it is a new design with many novel features of it’s own.

Through clever use of the capabilities of laser cutting, we have produced a kit that is optimized for lightness and strength, while maintaining the superb handling characteristics of the “breed”.

To make our kit fast and easy to build, we have incorporated many “interlocking” structures. For example, both the stabilizer and the ruddervators are assembled dry…..placed flat on your assembly table, and the joints glued with the part in that position…..literally self-aligning with no need to assemble over the plans! The pod and the wing have similar features which greatly reduce the “time to assemble”.

Other features include:

*3 piece wing, standard

*Fully adjustable tow hook. To adjust, simply loosen the two locking screws on the outer surface of the assembly, slide the assembly to the new position, and re-tighten the screws. Extremely fast and simple adjustment!

*Hollow, basswood nose block for optimum positioning of nose weight.

*Pod and boom construction for fast and accurate assembly, and optimum strength to weight ratio.

*Many pre-fabricated parts, including pre-shaped/tapered ruddervator leading and trailing edges, tow hook, control system components.

*Rib shapes include compensation for sag in covering material.

*Diagonal wing bracing to eliminate the need for extensive wing sheeting and associated weight and labor.

*Pre-shaped and notched wing trailing edges, and dowel leading edges for airfoil accuracy and ease of assembly.

*2 full size plan sheets and a step-by-step, photo illustrated assembly manual.

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