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Chrysalis-Lite Launching beyond RES regulations

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Recently we repeated some launch testing of our 2M Chrysalis-Lite. Launches were done at 9 lb., 9.5 lb. & 10 lb. We also took this opportunity to demonstrate proper launch techniques for this particular plane.  

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We now offer Bulk pricing on 2 popular items in our store.The Chrysalis-Lite F3 RES 2M Sailplane - Buy between 5-10 kits and receive $20.00 off each kitHi-Start Rubber - Buy between 5-10 and receive $5.00 off each piece.Prices show change when applied to cart.Get your Club or Friends together and Save!If you are looking [...]

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Introducing The New Chyrsalis-Lite!

The “Chrysalis-Lite” 2 meter F3-RES comes from a long line of successful radio controlled sailplanes. It has as it’s direct ancestors the original 1.5 meter HLG Chrysalis, as well as the 1.5 meter Electric; but it is a new design with many novel features of it’s own.Through clever use of the capabilities of laser cutting, [...]

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